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We are a Branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism located in Lethbridge Alberta and the neighboring communities. We come together to bring  the Middle Ages to life.  


The Society for Creative Anachronism is a historical recreation organization that focuses on cultures pre-1700. Our members study and try to recreate different aspects of life during that time. This means we have all sorts of events and activities that include combat, cooking, clothing and more! The SCA is a worldwide organization and we have organized into 20 different Kingdoms that span the globe!

Who Joins 

  The  SCA is a LGTBQ+ friendly organization that welcomes everyone from all ages, ethnicities,  and walks of life.  For events, we do ask that you wear a costume appropriate to the time period, or at least a basic attempt at one, such as a plain-colored long skirt and peasant type blouse, or plain trousers and an untucked tunic-style shirt.


Events are the major activity in the SCA. These are where we wear our medieval clothing, cook and serve the recipes we’ve been researching, play and dance to the music we’ve been practicing, socialize with friends, and generally have a good time. 


Our local group holds two large events a year MayDays and SnowEaters, and, from time to time, a local tavern or other gathering.  



Aside from our events, we also get together to study and share what we have learned or to plan the next great event.  

Everyone is welcome to attend our business meetings, but you must be a member of to hold office.  


It is also possible to contact us for a Demo, where, if people are available, we can show your school or other group what we do.  

Great news!  We are once again holding in person events, but, if you cannot attend, there are still many opportunities to connect  virtually.  

Just a heads up, the  Arts and Science night for February 15 had to be moved to the following week, February 22, due to scheduling  conflicts.  We will be making signs, so wear painting clothes if you plan on attending.


Video Conference from Cafe

Latest News

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