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Snow Eaters

This is an indoor event, but, depending on the weather, we could have some outdoor activities as well.  Be sure to bring a warm cloak, or a blanket to cover your modern coat for outside activities,  and perhaps a portable chair.  Archery is strictly outside for most sites, but rapier and heavy fighting can happen inside or out.  If we have guests from the nobility, they hold court. The various contests and other activities tend to have dragon themes and, you should know that in  Windwyrm, we generally consider these creatures to be our friends.  
Snow Eaters is a great time to take some classes in a variety of topics relating to the SCA.  It might be a general introduction to the SCA, or something very specific, like Viking Runes, or how to make a Renaissance Hat.  The cost for classes is minimal or free.  
There are usually people who would be delighted to have you join them in a board game. 
Please plan to wear garb for the entire day.  For classes and learning about the Arts and Science contests, we rejoin the modern world to use modern words  like "the internet" and "power tools."  However, enjoy stepping back in time when the Feast starts.  

General Notes about the Event 

HOLD!   If you are at any event and you hear someone shout "HOLD" stop whatever you are doing.  That word means that something bad is about to happen.  It could be that a child has wandered onto the field where people are fighting, or someone is about to back their car over a camp fire.  If you see a need to make everyone stop and prevent an accident, call "HOLD."   Things only start up again when it is safe.  


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We are careful when we set up the schedule that things don't start too early, so people can make this a day trip and locals can sleep at home.  There are other options, however.  Some people do sleep in the hall.  Please let the event steward know if you would like to do this, as space is generally limited.  Depending on the weather, people sometimes also camp at the site.  



The event copy below will tell you about any food and drink that will be available on site, including the feast in the evening.   You will probably want to bring snacks or a lunch as well as beverages for the day.  As much as you can, please try to minimize the modern look of your snacks.  That might mean bringing your food in a basket or covering plastic containers.  When you eat, you could put your food on a wooden plate and pour your beverage into a goblet, or a tankard, or even a glass, rather than having the modern can or bottle on the table.   Please respect any rules about alcohol.  If the site is "dry," it means no alcohol can come in.  If it is "discretely wet," it means that you can drink alcohol, but don't do it openly.  

There are two options for the feast.  On board means you paid for a feast token and will be served the meal.  You are expected to have your own dishes.  Most people bring an entire place setting, with a table cloth and candles (if allowed) or some other lighting.  If possible, let the cook (feast steward) know about any food allergies or restrictions you might have when you book the feast.  We will do our best to at least let you know what is in the dishes.  Some people decide to eat off board, meaning they sit at the table, but eat their own food.  This is often the best option for people with many restrictions. 


The evening feast is where we often feel most like we are in the past.  We cover up the modern things,  and put nice table cloths and place settings on the table.  All the beverages are in goblets, tankards, or plain cups.  We dim the lights to take the edge of any modern intrusions we cannot cover or remove.  Whether you are on or off board for the feast, please do your best to help us make the magic happen.      



   This year's Snow Eaters  


We held a very successful Snow Eaters on October 29, 2022.  See the Facebook page  for details.   Watch for another around the same time in 2023.

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