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Our Camping Season begins with May Days, held, as you might guess, some time in May. 

Things to Know about May Days
HOLD!   If you are at any event and you hear someone shout "HOLD" stop whatever you are doing.  That word means that something bad is about to happen.  It could be that a child has wandered onto the field where people are fighting, or someone is about to back their car over a camp fire.  If you see a need to make everyone stop and prevent an accident, call "HOLD."   Things only start up again when it is safe.  


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All sorts of shelters, including Trailers, Campers, and Modern Tents are welcome.  We do try to maintain a Medieval Atmosphere, so we will ask that modern vehicles, trailers and campers are a bit out of sight.  Let the Event Steward know if you require hook ups.  We will, of course, accommodate people with mobility challenges.  

Be sure to ask for any help you need setting up.  Helping each other is what we do.  



We traditionally enjoy a pot luck on Saturday evening.  For other meals, please do as much as you can to keep modern items out of sight when you are eating in public areas.  That could be as simple as pouring your beverage into a goblet, or even wrapping the container in a cloth.  Fast food can be placed on a wooden or metal plate.  Of course, clean up as soon as possible.  No one wants extra wasps and flies.  The Chatelaine will be happy to loan you any dishes you need and the Shire will provide a place for washing up.    

The SCA prides itself on leaving our sites cleaner than we found them. 



The following is from 


Participants within the SCA should always observe courtesy with their use of any product that produces smoke or vapor. Both tobacco and marijuana smoke can be harmful to others and exposure to second hand smoke is a health risk we should not impose on others.


All smoking and vaping at our events will take place in a designated area or at individual vehicles.  It is not permitted in common areas, including the firepit.  It is not sufficient to ask others if they mind.  People don't always have the confidence to say they do, even if smoke or vape makes them ill.  Often they will just step away, and this is not what we want to happen.  

Please clean up cigarette butts and other trash from smoking as soon as it is generated. 

See the event copy for information on alcohol consumption as this may vary depending on the site and the decisions of the event team.  

Be Prepared for the Weather


The weather at an outdoor event can vary from scorching hot, to rain, and even snow.  It might seem like there is no option but to change into our modern clothes to stay comfortable.  But, it is really not that hard to adapt and keep up the atmosphere for yourself and everyone else.  While everyone is encouraged to be as authentic as possible in their dress, remember that the SCA only asks for an attempt at pre 17th century (1600) clothes. It is also important to note that you can pick clothing from any time and place before that date.  If your Italian Renaissance dress is not working for you as the snow falls, or you are dying from the heat in your Elizabethan gown, or you only brought one outfit and spilled something on it, there is no need to throw in the towel and go modern.   


For footwear, that could mean wearing whatever foot wear works for you, whether that is runners, rubber boots, or snow boots, just as you would wear your modern glasses or hearing aids, or use modern mobility aids.  There are thousands of authentic hats and other head coverings, but,  if you don't have one, or the one you made is too hot, don't go right to a ball cap.  Look for a plain hat  made of canvas or straw to keep your head cool.  

If it gets cold, feel free to put on your regular coat.  Just put a blanket over your shoulders if you don't have a cloak.  Or, if your cloak isn't warm enough, wear your coat under it.  

The nice thing about most of our period is that clothes were a variation on a T tunic.  This is basically an oversized T shirt.  Big plain T shirts, belted at the waist, with jogging pants instead of jeans can be an outfit for anyone, including children.  There are plenty of other ways to throw together medieval clothes from what you probably already own. 


And don't forget about the loaner garb we have in Gold Key.  Contact the Chatelaine if you would like to borrow some. 

Dressing up is an essential part of and SCA event.  It's fun, and there is no need to sacrifice your comfort to do it.  

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